The benefits of a SAP WM system for your business


A Warehouse Management System (SAP WM) should provide warehouse managers and staff with all the information they need to efficiently control and monitor the movement of warehouse stock and materials.


A fully integrated warehouse management system (SAP WM) can increase the overall efficiency of your warehouse operation, providing better service to your customers, which in turn encourages repeat business and generates referrals.

SAP WM – Warehouse Management Application

SAP’s Warehouse Management application provides automated, completely flexible support to assist you in processing all movements of goods and also accurately maintains your current stock inventories, removing the risk of human error.

Considering all those advantages, it’s surprising that many warehouse managers are unaware of what SAP can do for them. In fact, many companies do not realize that they could be using their existing SAP software with WM. That’s a shame because it can offer much for a relatively small investment.

That said, WM is not a one-size-fits-all solution and certainly won’t fit companies without SAP. Warehouse Management, as a standalone option, doesn’t offer you the power or versatility of a combination package that has WM integrated within your existing SAP framework.

Migrating to a more flexible and versatile system

Migrating from an independent WMS solution to a more integrated approach, such as a platform where it is used in conjunction with SAP offers many benefits to warehouse managers:

  • If you already have SAP, you can implement SAP WM  – an SAP logistics consultant can assist with the task
  • An integrated WMS means that you don’t need complex interfacing between systems
  • SAP WM is a proven, stable solution
  • Many of the key functions provided by other WMS can be incorporated into SAP WM to create a custom system at a much lower cost
  • Support for high-end systems that incorporate routing and tracking technologies, including Radio Frequency Identification and voice recognition
  • Flexible management of goods issues, goods processes, and stock transfers – easily and quickly

If your business doesn’t already use SAP, you will find it beneficial to consider consulting a business that offers specialist SAP consultancy services to find out more.

To find out how our SAP consultancy can help you to incorporate WM into your existing SAP system or to discuss the implementation of SAP WM into your business, contact our helpful team today.

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