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Free IT & Project support services

We are offering this service free for a limited time of 3 months, starting from November 2020 up until the end of January 2021. The offer is aimed for UK based companies (preferably in the Greater Manchester area where we can offer support in person, or remotely for other locations).

The Covid-19 pandemic is still affecting numerous businesses making it more difficult to operate under restricted conditions – many projects have been put temporarily on hold or postponed indefinitely.

We would like to offer our support while gaining a better understanding of different companies’ requirements for IT support and project-based services.

Examples of projects/tasks we can support with:

  • Process improvements

We will discuss with you and analyze your existing process first and then propose improvements aiming to achieve greater efficiency, lower costs and time saving. These can be applied to any existing process (for example from using less paper for printing to adjusting manufacturing processes).


  • ERP system-based operations

Simplification of existing tasks, readjusting workflows, creation of improved ways of working


  • Smart reduction of daily workload

Effective use of time management skills and learning to utilize available software


  • Simplification of logistics processes

Any process in the order fulfilment chain can be potentially improved, talk to us to discuss what is a current concern for you


  • General project support
  • General IT support


We are certified for SAP ERP Sales and Distribution, Agile Project Management and have Cyber Essentials Security Certification.

Please get in touch with us ( if you think that this free offer will be beneficial to your company!

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