business process reengineering

Business Process Reengineering is a total business overhaul solution that provides critical business process improvement to the performance, quality, cost, productivity and efficiency of your business processes. It is the complete analysis and radical redesign of company processes. By this we refer to the interlinked activities or tasks performed in order to achieve desired and specific results.

Interprofis Ltd will assist you in this undertaking to ensure quality results and exceptional output. We predominantly use business process reengineering in business processes such as finance and logistics based on SAP ERP systems. Our highly qualified team will dedicate themselves to analysing your current business processes and giving them a complete makeover so you can benefit from improvement strategies that focus on results, enhance output, simplify and optimise processes and increase your ROI.

Business Process Reengineering is the ultimate solution in business improvement strategies. Where other strategies are more focused on simply sourcing the weak areas of a business process and fixing them as you might a broken bone, BPR is the full organ transplant.

How can you benefit from Process Improvement?

Before deciding to undertake such an overhaul of your organisation it’s always worth identifying your needs so you know if this is the right choice for you.

Ask yourself the following; Are the current processes delivering the expected values and are they concurrent with your long-term goals? Who are your customers and what values are you offering them? And, if you were a new company, would you implement your current business processes, or do you feel they would have worked better if redesigned?

If you conclude that your organisation could be doing better in a number of ways and is running an inefficient process you will have determined that the best solution is a full Business Process Reengineering.


Our Business Process Analyst will track the current running of your business processes. This includes monitoring activities, business rules, workflows and roles amongst many others to observe how your business processes have been running up to now.
They will collate a report that states your existing state of performance.


After completing their observations, our Business Process Analyst will undertake a gap analysis in order to identify where there are underlying issues in your business processes and recognise the underlying causes of any process gaps such as workforce overpopulation, stunted vendor relationships, poor quality control, operational inefficiency, strategic disconnects, etc.
With the Kaizen methodology in mind, we undertake process consulting by observing every system to identify ways to reengineer them to be more efficient and run smoothly. This the chance for your business processes to wipe the slate clean and set it in order.


Having identified the root causes of your organisations process issues, our analyst will form an innovative business process improvement plan using their agile project management skills. These plans are specifically created to completely redesign your business processes. This is a time for change and the only way to reap the desired results is to embrace the new strategy.
It is our job to closely examine any current rules that have applied and completely redesign business process strategies based on what we have determined to be the best fit. This could require some financial investment and/or internal restructuring, which is what BPR is all about. It’s about making brave choices in order to get results and encourage your organisation to shine.


Our analyst will present you with your blueprint of the new system. A bespoke plan that is designed specifically to develop positive future changes in the company. Be that a strategic change management or software systems enhancement to integrate and streamline the company, you will be guided through this vital phase of your business process improvement in order to reconstruct your organisation. New and innovative procedures and workflows are designed to promote efficient business processes interdepartmentally. This is where we standardise the new processes so they can be maintained and evolved in the future.


Once the new system has been operationalised within the company, our analyst will work to train team members on the new process and any new tools required to operate it. The Interprofis team are dedicated to providing a complete service which includes full support and training where required. This can include project management, performance monitoring, systems upgrades, training and usership or ERP support services to name but a few. These radical changes have been implemented after identifying a need to better achieve strategic objectives. We are passionate about ensuring you achieve all your goals. Our strategy has been designed specifically to enable your organisation to do new things in lean and efficient ways and to provide you with the tools to sustain these processes.

Experience the results

Positive Growth

Having undertaken this complete rebuild of your organisation, you can now work towards maintaining positive growth and reap the overall performance benefits of your decision with smoother operational procedures, a streamlined workforce, improved customer engagement and increased ROI

Increased Efficiency

Business Process Reengineering is the gift that keeps on giving. Improved functionality of IT systems means that you can capture and collate information at source, reducing the amount of redundancies in processes previously requiring manual resubmission of data

Continuous Improvement

Overall, you can now benefit from continuous improvement by consistently reassessing your strategy and always asking questions to identify where constant improvements can be made. Business is an evolution, and now you have the tools to grow you can always be one step ahead