Business process outsourcing




Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) is the ideal method of streamlining your storage and delivery solutions for customers throughout the UK. At Interprofis we are geared towards efficient ecommerce order fulfilment solutions from storage to delivery. As experts in third-party logistics (3PL) we can help with all your order processing requirements

Utilising our BPO solutions allows you to concentrate on the areas of the business that need your time – marketing and sales, for example – while we handle all other aspects of order fulfilment. With many years of experience in the field you can rely upon the expert team at Interprofis to provide you and your customers with a guaranteed quality service every time. If you’re looking to save time and money on an essential part of your business, BPO is the area to look at and we are the people to talk to for the best solutions in the UK

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Storage within our UK consignment warehouse

Full warehousing and stock control service

ERP and e-commerce systems workflow integration

Automated business solutions for order processing

Picking and packing services by dedicated staff

3PL logistics solutions for deliveries within whole UK

Outsourced Business Solutions

At Interprofis we take great pride in a reputation for getting the job done. We have a UK consignment warehouse from which we undertake deliveries across the United Kingdom, and we offer our services not only to AMAZON and EBAY sellers but also to eCOMMERCE OPERATORS who are looking for an entry into the UK market. As a leading 3PL service provider we include all of the above listed services within our order fulfilment solutions.

Order fulfilment services

When you outsource your order processing, storage, packing and delivery processes to us you are freeing up time that you and your team need to use to grow your business. You also take advantage of our warehousing solutions, thus cutting out the expense of hosting your own.

Consignment storage

Our storage solutions are carefully considered for each client, no matter how large or small, and we are committed to smooth and streamlined service that ensures your customers receive their delivery on time every time.

Full systems integration

We go that step further than many other BPO solutions providers in ensuring our service is integrated with your existing sales and processing systems. This brings the benefit of you not having to go to great expense to change the platforms you work with, and also ensures much smoother performance throughout the process.

Timely order processing

Interprofis will ensure that the order fulfilment solution is designed and implemented in order to process orders quickly and get them to your clients on time, and we also cover returns as part of our service. We understand that processing returns quickly and efficiently is important for customer relations, and you’ll find our expertise in this area to be more than satisfactory.

Integrating ERP systems

By providing a fully integrated solution you can rest assured that once you receive an order it is automatically forwarded to us and the rest of the process from picking to delivery will be performed with the utmost attention to detail. Likewise, should returns need processing, these will also be attended to efficiently. At Interprofis we believe in keeping your clients happy as well as ours, so you can leave the BPO services to us.

ecommerce fulfilment

Interprofis work with eBay PowerSeller retailers to ensure they service their customers in the most cost-effective and assured way. We are also work with customers who use the Amazon Marketplace Web Service (Amazon MWS) and our integrated solutions are ideal for sellers on both these platforms. We will hold stock in our UK warehouse for delivery across the country, and our expert team is geared towards efficient and fast solutions for quick delivery.

We are also geared towards helping e-Commerce entrepreneurs and businesses get a foothold in UK markets. With our range of outsourced services you can concentrate on creating leads and orders, and boosting your brand in the marketplace, while Interprofis handle the warehousing, packing and delivery aspects, ensuring the logistics side of the business runs smoothly and efficiently.

3PL solutions

As a leading 3PL service provider we fully understand the importance of full system integration, and we have many satisfied clients who use our order fulfilment solutions to ensure they service their own customers in the most cost-effective fashion. Whatever your product, talk to one of the team at Interprofis and we will begin by assessing your requirements, before providing you with a competitive rate for the BPO services you require.